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  1. Price dropped to £10500, I need the room!
  2. It’s with great reluctance that I’m selling my 2016 Triumph Daytona 675. The bike is stunning and wants for nothing. It was put together, to the highest spec by T3 Racing, at a cost well in excess of £20000. The bike was originally prepared as Gary Johnson’s spare bike at the 2016 TT. The chassis did a single bedding in lap of the Isle of Man, on open roads. The engine was one of three used by Johnson, which were rotated. Tony Scott, who prepared and looked after the engines, informed me the engine did 4-6 practice laps. I bought the bike straight from the team in February 2017 and immediately took it back to Tony Scott for a strip and inspection where worn parts were replaced. Since then the bike has done 1004 miles (1 track day and four race days at Donington, and the 2017 Manx Grand Prix. I’d love to keep it, but realistically I’m unlikely to race it again and it’s too good a bike to sit in a garage gathering dust. The full spec is as follows; · 2016 Triumph Daytona 675 (Supplied direct to T3 Racing from Jack Lilley Triumph, so no V5) · T3 Racing supersport engine · KTech DDS cartridge forks · KTech DDS pro rear shock · AIM MXS full colour LCD dash with data logging and GPS sensor. In addition to the internal logging features of the dash and those from the ECU, the following additional parameters can be measured and logged ; o Front suspension travel o Rear suspension travel o GPS position (speed, altitude etc) o Oil pressure o Coolant temperature o Automatic track mapping and timing. Dash will display last lap time, best lap time, current lap time, predicted laptime etc.etc · Pitbull steering damper (unused since factory rebuild) · Custom expanded TT petrol tank · Lightec rearsets · Lightec clip-ons and bars · Lightec brake and clutch lever with remote brake span adjuster and front brake protector · GB Racing engine protectors · Two sets of wheels, both with captive spacers · Captive rear brake calliper · Febur oil cooler · Full titanium race exhaust (Arrow headers and Scorpion can) with 98DB removable baffle · Bazzaz fuelling module · Triumph kit loom · Triumph kit ECU · Triumph kit quickshifter · T3 custom made intake/ fairing bracket · Rain light · Extensive use of Titanium fixings (fairing bolts, brake disc bolts, spindle bolts, calliper bolts etc etc) · Hel braided brake lines £12000 ono Pictures Here
  3. curlydog

    Oversize race radiator

    Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph GMX race radiator from K7 GSXR600. Excellent condition £350
  4. curlydog

    GSXR600 K6-7 Parts

    Time for a garage clear out. Everything reduced from previously advertised prices Further info at : http://www.brewster.org.uk/racing/GSXR600_parts gear clusters shimmed 200 For sale head/cams 750 For sale Gas flowed with kit cams and valve springs. Complete set of new valves and seats recut prior to MGP 2016. Engine did 2.5 laps only. Shimmed up and ready to go if used with same cams. GMX large capacity radiator 350 For sale I'm reliably informed this cost £1500 new PhotographPhotographPhotographPhotograph crankshaft with matching conrods 250 For sale Photograph oil pump 35 For sale water pump 30 For sale selector forks 50 For sale selector drum 20 For sale selector shaft 20 For sale Crankcases number one 100 For sale Has some very minor marking in cylinder number 1. Probably OK for road use. Wasn't going to risk it for engine doing IOM at very high RPM for long periods. Crankcases number two 100 For sale #3 cylinder has some discolouration near the bottom of the stroke. Bought like this and appears to have been a piston seizure and the bore has been cleaned using muriatic acid to get the alloy without damaging the nikasil. May be ok for road bike. frame 500 For sale Unmarked. Started life as TAS bike so no V5. Number present an untampered. PhotographPhotograph Front braided brake lines 75 For Sale Custom made by Goodridge July 2016, only used at MGP. "h" configuration to cross over at lower yolk. PhotographPhotograph Clip ons 45 For Sale 50mm. Pair weigh less than 300g Photograph Swinging arm 35 For sale PhotographPhotographPhotograph Clock/nose fairing bracket 50 For sale Photograph Instrument panel/Clocks 75 For sale Have been modified to run an extra shift light, running off the original. Photograph Fuel tank 100 For sale Excellent condition. Blown tank. Holds around 19.5L PhotographPhotograph fuel pump 35 For sale air box 30 For sale starter motor 30 For sale Photograph Alternator Cover 50 For sale Photograph Alternator Cover Protector 30 For sale Photograph Front calipers 130 For sale New seals July 2016, only used at MGP since. Photograph Rear calipers 60 For sale With spindle adjuster. Modified to make rear caliper captive. A godsend for changing rear wheel! Photograph Throttle Bodies 100 For sale Translogic Quickshifter 80 For sale Has been repaired. Survived MGP 2015 and 2016 since repair. Photograph Screen 25 For sale Standard OEM screen Screen 25 For sale Standard OEM screen. Has four holes drilled in it to accommodate small piggy back mini TT screen. Screen 25 For Sale Double bubble race screen. Drilled and has mini flip up screen fitted Fairing Nose 40 For sale CRC top quality. Has been repaired. Patches can be seen inside, but unable to tell from outside. Photograph Fairing Left side 30 For sale CRC top quality. Brand new before MGP 2016. Photograph Fairing right side 30 For sale CRC top quality. Photograph Rear Subframe 50 For sale Photograph Top Yolk 50 For sale Photograph Titanium Bolts - Front end 50 For sale Front spindle, four caliper and four pinch bolts all drilled for lockwiring. Equivalent bolts from probolt around £150 Photograph Clutch basket 40 For sale Photograph Clutch holding tool 15 For sale Photograph Clutch Cover 50 For sale Has carbon protector glued on. Slight damage to protector. Cover is fine and oil tight PhotographPhotograph Ignition coil 40 For sale PhotographPhotograph Ignition coil 40 For sale PhotographPhotograph Ignition coil 40 For sale PhotographPhotograph Ignition coil 40 For sale
  5. As per title. Wheels, as shown, without discs £300 http://www.brewster.org.uk/racing/images/600_parts/triumphWheels.JPG
  6. curlydog

    Pirelli Inters

    I'm looking for a set of Pirelli intermediates. I think they're officially known as Diablo wets. Either new, or decent scrubs wanted
  7. curlydog

    Triumph 675 Gearing for IOM

    Won't that depend on the size of the rear sprocket?
  8. curlydog

    Triumph 675 Gearing for IOM

    Why is that?
  9. curlydog

    GSXR600 (K6/K7) Parts

    http://www.brewster.org.uk/racing/GSXR600_parts Available parts at above URL. Last time on here before I dump it all on ebay.
  10. curlydog

    Triumph 675 Gearing for IOM

    I'm taking a 675 Trumpet (2013+) over to the Manx. It's a new bike to me so I'm unsure of what gearing I'll need. Someone has suggested 16:44/45 to me for the gearing. Would that be right, before i buy a new chain and sprocket set, or does anyone have any other suggestions? Also I've just counted the links on the chain and counted 57 (twice). That seems very short to me. Have I miscounted somehow, or is that right? Thanks
  11. curlydog

    GSXR600/750 K6-7 Breaking

    Still plenty of parts available
  12. curlydog

    Triumph 675 WHeels

  13. curlydog

    Triumph 675 WHeels

    Triumph Daytona 675 wheels for sale. Stamped "09". I believe these will fit 2007-2012. £350

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