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  1. Bought in error as I thought it was Superbike fitment. As good as new and retails at £300+ https://valtermotostore.com/stands/moto3/ar55t.html Is what it is.. £120 delivered to mainland UK.... I can deliver to Cadwell on 5th, Snetterton on 7th or Donington on 14th September PM or 07841 459767 Obliged
  2. I am good thanks Ian...I have what I need.
  3. One in the for sale section
  4. A mate has some K7 wheels that I think fit... PM me your number and I will pass it on Cheers
  5. These are sold...reason I know is because a mate had them
  6. Item 24.... I will have that please. Pinging you SMS now
  7. I have a set of stock calipers from a L7 1000?
  8. Don't expect a response...I messaged them in mid March and had nothing back Hopefully they are OK
  9. These are not for a Yamaha Martin 🤪
  10. As per title... Takes a Brembo 84mm spaced caliper or similar. Has provision for traction sensor and is a lovely bit of kit. Note: if you have stock wheels this will not work without some mods to the rear wheel or caliper. I modded my caliper and a friend modded his wheels both with no issue. Straight bolt on with OZ, Dymag or similar. £55 delivered to mainland UK. PM or 07841 459767 Obliged
  11. 10.0 spring rate from a set of DDS cartridges. No longer needed as bike has gone. Come boxed and are in perfect condition. £50 delivered to mainland UK 07841 459767 Obliged
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