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  1. Eyespy

    Gsxr 1000 2017-

    Couple on eBay at reasonable money
  2. Eyespy

    Gen 4 (11-15) ZX10 loom, ECU, key

    I think I have the fuel tank cap as well that I will include
  3. The silver bit that bolts onto the seat rails. Might fit the latest model but please check for yourself £45 delivered to mainland UK Payment via transfer or gift PM or 07841 458767 Obliged
  4. Matched ECU, loom, key barrel and one key... Bike now sold with kit ECU in it so this is now taking up space £105 delivered to mainland UK with payment via bank transfer or gift. PM or 07841 459767 Obliged
  5. Eyespy

    Capit tyre warmers with skins

    And size
  6. Eyespy

    Arrow 60mm End Can

    I think you might find if you read the thread it is sold. Clue is in the post before yours where it says Sold.
  7. Eyespy

    Arrow 60mm End Can

    Exactly the same as the one I have... Was after a longer one to use on quieter days like Snetterton as my baffle takes off 20bhp Thanks anyway
  8. Eyespy

    Arrow 60mm End Can

    Mmmmm, now I am confused... Easily done mind
  9. Eyespy

    Arrow 60mm End Can

    How long is it please?
  10. Eyespy

    Noise test Anglesey

    Last time I went was 7 years ago
  11. Eyespy

    Noise test Anglesey

    Never been tested personally. Was there at Easter
  12. Eyespy

    L7 GSXR 1000 Keyless

    Sorted it....a bit of help from a friend and some more tinkering with a meter and we have lift off. There are two fat wires that run from the ignition barrel into a green 4 way connector. Wire a toggle switch of sorts into these two wires and away you go assuming the immobiliser is turned off. If anyone else is interested I can make up some plug and play items. It will require drilling the anti tamper bolts out holding the ignition barrel on unless you are replacing the top yoke. PM if you are interested and once I have finalised set up I will let you know prices etc. Obliged
  13. Eyespy

    L7 GSXR 1000 Keyless

    Connectors are wrong Martin.... US model has single connections, UK model has two. I need to wire in a switch, I have found the two wires that make the circuit from the key but think there must be more to it
  14. Eyespy

    L7 GSXR 1000 Keyless

    Anyone done it, if so how? I have sorted the disabling of immobiliser just need to sort out how to wire. Be grateful of some direction....
  15. Eyespy

    GSXR 1000 L7 Rear shock, Öhlins Mupo etc

    Taken the plunge then...

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