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  1. Great website that OPP Racing thanks.. I had a feeling Brembo would not sell the spares so will just give Mode a tinkle. Thanks for the help and pointers
  2. Not called yet but looked at the catalogue on their website and there were no deals for any race calipers that I saw. Will give them a tinkle
  3. How do.... Can I get new seals for my mono block calipers to service them. If so where from as tinterweb has been fruitless thus far. If not where is best to send them? Obliged
  4. I know of an Ohlins rear shock that is virtually brand new that might work. Fitted to a K7 750. So if you find it fits get in touch 07841 459767
  5. I reckon a baby is what next year will bring
  6. As per title... Sold mine and now my dash with incorporated GPS is up the spout and away getting repaired. Anyone got a Starlane or similar to sell Obliged
  7. Is 2017 still a Gen 5? If so you can get 2011-2015 wheels. Rear slots straight in, front requires some disc spacers and 330mm discs to make it fit. you can get spacers from projection components. https://www.projection-components.co.uk/zx10r-disc-spacer-kit-11-15-wheels-in-16-on-bikes-1631-p.asp
  8. Jonathan Lodge had a Yoshi ECU for sale on here a while back. Or maybe even 2
  9. Oh.... I will take it, ping me your payment details
  10. Ping me a picture of 19 x 18 please..... First dibs on that one +447841 459767
  11. Couple on eBay at reasonable money
  12. I think I have the fuel tank cap as well that I will include
  13. The silver bit that bolts onto the seat rails. Might fit the latest model but please check for yourself £45 delivered to mainland UK Payment via transfer or gift PM or 07841 458767 Obliged
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