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  1. This ad is for my 2011 Yamaha YZF R1 14B, also known as the Big Bang R1. This is a road legal bike in track kit. The bike is a 2011 model and has covered around 3000 miles, 1500 of which were on the road. Has been owned by a Yamaha Technician previously so well cared for. SPEC LIST Akrapovic Full Evo Exhaust System GPR Steering Damper Full Bazzaz ZFI-TC (Fueling, Quickshifter and Traction Control) Bazzaz Dual map & Traction Control handlebar switch PP Tuning rearsets Brembo 19 RCS Master Cylinder Genuine CRC race fairing Metzler Racetech Tyres Datatool Alarm still fitted - two fobs I have used around Misano, Jerez and Brands Hatch but funding a property purchase so I’ve reluctantly decided to sell. I have spare wheels, tyres, good paddock stands which can be made available to any prospective buyer. I have the V5 and a spare key and I'm in West London. Looking for £8k. Photos are here: https://mab.to/MCu4u5AlS Think that's it. Any questions message me or bell on 07766 132316
  2. sheraz

    R1 2011 bazzaz map

    Anyone got one thats been tried and tested across various tracks? I've seen one on the site so I'll use that as a base but if anyone has anything they've found good do let me know. Cheers Sheraz
  3. sheraz

    My Experience with MOTOEVOLUTION

    Ok just got a call from the lady apologising for the moment of madness as it was due to some personal stress issues going on which caused her to put the phone down. She said she will resolve immediately and couldn't be more apologetic. I think that's fair enough so I will retract my complaint...
  4. sheraz

    My Experience with MOTOEVOLUTION

    A small issue but I would never buy from here and would recommend anyone be wary - you'll get problems! I called up yesterday morning to try and get some instructions for 2011 R1 rearsets emailed to me as they are not on the website. The woman who answered said she would email over. They never arrived. I rang at around 3pm and left a message - no return call. I called today and asked where they were, the woman said I hadn't told her what bike it was. I HAD done so. I explained I told her yesterday and she said that I was being rude and said she wouldn't help and put the phone down on me! What the hell???? A good warning I think...
  5. sheraz

    2011 R1 front tank cover

    I've got a white front tank cover (the half of the tank closest to the screen) on my '11 R1. If anyone is interested in doing a straight swap for a black one I'd be up for it. Nothing wrong with mine, just the wrong colour.
  6. sheraz

    r1 '09+ rear shock preload

    What tool do you need to adjust? In the manual it points to an allen key bolt and refers to lining up some markers. It's a bit confusing - can anyone give a clear explanation how I adjust? Cheers
  7. sheraz

    Black 2009 R1 Stolen last night

    Definitely not my bits but that's cool you had your eye open for the thiefs mate!
  8. sheraz

    Black 2009 R1 Stolen last night

    Yeah definitely - accept the loss and move forward and all that. Yes trying a new one at Brands Monday but I'm sure it's perfectly fine - the guy has been very up front about everything. So hopefully a new big bang Monday! Thanks for the words mate!
  9. sheraz

    Black 2009 R1 Stolen last night

    No mate. The police have now closed the case. I got a call from someone who said they knew someone who knew someone....5 removed people....that had my bike. They wanted £3k for it. In the end they said they wouldn't give it back and it would just be broken and sold. Own fault. Never leave your bike on display anywhere. Ever.
  10. sheraz

    Brembo 20 Ratio Brake Lever

    Little round furry things would have had!! stupid inbox
  11. sheraz

    Brembo M4 Monoblock Calipers

    Hi, Do you know if these will fit a big bang R1?
  12. sheraz

    Brembo 20 Ratio Brake Lever

    Mate is this the item and will it fit an '11 R1? http://www.intobikes.co.uk/products/001335/Brembo-Radial-M-or-C-For-Twin-Discs-With-Non-Brembo-Calipers?src=fro&highlight=70616&gclid=CjkKEQjwiPWcBRCTj_-Vz8fE3cMBEiQAZIMSUtlBKn93Wt389JopC1Mu8VeacD2Ec3WOncGyrMjnvAbw_wcB
  13. sheraz

    WANTED: big bang R1 with V5.

    oh ok mate cheers for the pointer
  14. sheraz

    WANTED: big bang R1 with V5.

    very interested. what's your number?
  15. Ideally with track bits - as much as poss. looking to pay 6ish depending what's on the bike. If it's a very clean road bike will consider that too. I'm based in Greater London cheers Sheraz 07766132316