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  1. Not 100% sure but I think modern calipers are either 100mm or 108mm centres and all Jap bikes are 108mm so there are plenty to choose from.
  2. Do you have a part no.? If not look on https://www.oppracing.com/, they list all the callipers plus spare parts. Phone Demon Tweeks motorcycle and mx no. and see if they can get your Brembo parts. They are the cheapest for Z04 pads, only £89 each!
  3. ynotgofast

    Kit bag

    I have an ice hockey kit bag.
  4. Any recommendations for somewhere to stay near Anglesey circuit?
  5. I see their website is back up again so it doesn't look like it forced them to go under and it would be good if everyone involved including Nigel gets compensated.
  6. I had a mate who was on that one, I think he actually flew to Spain then got a message the day before saying it was cancelled. By then the website and phone number were down so he had no idea what was going on. Shame because they did run a good show.
  7. Does anyone know what has happened to Circuitmoto trackday operator?
  8. I was hoping it hadn't changed, I haven't been there for years. Thank f**k there are still some tracks not owned by MSV.
  9. Could someone tell me if they are noise testing on track days at Anglesey? If so what is the limit? Thanks.
  10. Kr's cost more but last longer imo.
  11. I don't race much but it's Dunlop Kr's for me.
  12. Where are you based? I'd recommend Motoliners in Kent.
  13. Single bike transport will be very expensive also ask No Limits if track time only is full. I would put myself on a reserve list.
  14. I've got one in my cbr600rr, it's a good bit of kit, the flywheel is removed on my bike so the motor spins up really fast. Their after sales service is spot on too so it's big thumbs up from me.
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