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  1. ynotgofast

    Circuit Moto

    I see their website is back up again so it doesn't look like it forced them to go under and it would be good if everyone involved including Nigel gets compensated.
  2. ynotgofast

    Circuit Moto

    I had a mate who was on that one, I think he actually flew to Spain then got a message the day before saying it was cancelled. By then the website and phone number were down so he had no idea what was going on. Shame because they did run a good show.
  3. ynotgofast

    Circuit Moto

    Does anyone know what has happened to Circuitmoto trackday operator?
  4. ynotgofast

    Noise test Anglesey

    I was hoping it hadn't changed, I haven't been there for years. Thank f**k there are still some tracks not owned by MSV.
  5. ynotgofast

    Noise test Anglesey

    Could someone tell me if they are noise testing on track days at Anglesey? If so what is the limit? Thanks.
  6. ynotgofast

    The most debated subject

    Kr's cost more but last longer imo.
  7. ynotgofast

    The most debated subject

    I don't race much but it's Dunlop Kr's for me.
  8. ynotgofast

    Wheel repairs?

    Where are you based? I'd recommend Motoliners in Kent.
  9. ynotgofast

    Jerez track advice........

    No Limits?
  10. ynotgofast

    Jerez track advice........

    Single bike transport will be very expensive also ask No Limits if track time only is full. I would put myself on a reserve list.
  11. ynotgofast

    Bdk race generators

    I've got one in my cbr600rr, it's a good bit of kit, the flywheel is removed on my bike so the motor spins up really fast. Their after sales service is spot on too so it's big thumbs up from me.
  12. ynotgofast

    Clutch problems

    Put the bike on a paddock stand, start the bike in gear, pull the clutch in and stand on the back brake. It might free the clutch and save a strip down if it feels ok.
  13. CBR 600RR7 for sale with V5 registered in Jersey, I have owned this bike since 2013 and I've not ridden it for the last two years. Before that I used it for mostly Euro track days so it was only ridden once or twice a year. I replaced the engine in 2015 with a 2012 unit bought from a breaker. I then fitted the HRC cams from the old engine and bought new HRC valve springs which cost over £400. See the spec below; Galespeed type R 10 spoke wheelsBrembo clubman discsMonoblock calipersBraided linesBrembo 19 x 20 m/cCarbon air intakeHRC expansion tankLightweight front fairing bracketClips onsHRC q/a throttleStarlane stealth GPSGPR steering damperHRC ecuHRC kit loomHRC crankcase breather kitHM quick shifterPromach rear sets with spare foot pegsWP rear shockMotoholders supersport rear sub frameArrow titanium full race exhaustLightweight batteryspare oem wheels with discs2 x spare sprocket carriers9 no. Renthal sprockets, mostly new 2 x used screens and a set of RG engine covers (not on the bike )recent 2012 engine I've probably missed one or two bits. The bad bits, it's not mint it has a few scuffs and scratches and a bit of gravel rash but mechanically very sound, I think one of the fork seals leaked if I remember ( just being honest ). The bike is in Petersfield, Hants and you are welcome to view, my mobile is 07870611142, I won't reply to texts unless you would like to view. Price £3750
  14. ynotgofast

    european medical insurance

    That's more like it.

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