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  1. any offers ?
  2. nae probs gos...how ye suggestin we do this?
  3. to fit 120/60 17 inch front and 160/60 17 inch rear they do fit 120/70 17 inch and 180/55 17 inch as i used them as warmers for my wets hardly used £120 delivered RMSD
  4. holds charge for approx 4 days.. comes with charger ....charging cradle....car charger and transponder and box £220 delivered RMSD
  5. thanks karl how much for postage benson im in scotland normal delivery..not highlands or anywhere like that
  6. selling in pairs? i just need a rear
  7. bump
  8. ive a set of black promachs for sale not adjustable tho
  9. Ok mayb i picked up what you were after wrong. Theyrs a R &G clutch cover for sale. Us that what you were wanting pics of?
  10. email sent
  11. good nick ..had a seasons worth of racing ..never been down the road in arbroath tayside
  12. ok ill take pics and send tonight
  13. ohlins rear shock ( not ttx) £400...recently serviced k-tech 20mm front fork race valve kit with fork internals £300 acumen gear indicator plus loom £90 K&N race filter £40 samco hoses half blue half red £80 3 sets of dogs ..various lengths to raise or lower ride height £100 pc5 £200 autotune powercommander unit £160 wheels with discs £450 wheels with discs.front has a slight ding £350 complete standard clutch..basket plates pressure plate £150 complete gearbox £100 complete gearbox£100 standard fork internals £80 termignoni race headers and carbon can £450 set of spare valves, came from a 900 mile 13s engine £400( seen the price of them new ???) gpr damper £250 promach rear sets £ 150 R&G engine casing sliders £40 R&G clutch cover protector £40 set of raintecs 120 front 190 rear used for 20 laps round knockhill £80 open to offers best to pm mayb rather than post on this thread pick up preferred on the wheels and tyres delivery at cost
  14. ive the same if your still looking
  15. check out harrys laptimer youll be impressed