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  1. Is it allowed into the congestion zone? Is the engine 3.5 or the awning? Petrol or diesel? Thanks.
  2. Is the bench still available ??or has skeetus had it? thanks.
  3. Thanks gents, was hoping you would say that dry cleaners would do the job, If i wear the leathers in the bath whilst rubbing in Bold will they fit better? Coventry is a long way to go to get them scrubbed but thanks for the recommendation,
  4. Can anyone tell me if i can get leathers dry-cleaned and do they react alright? Have removed the inner "sleeve" and washed that but am reluctant to put leathers in washing machine... any advice gratefully received..
  5. +1 as above, also love the auto jumble ,breakers yards are rare these days so its great to size things up and maybe get a deal.
  6. yep me too also.
  7. Get well soon boys from all your friends on MZs.
  8. A little bird told me there was going to be a push start for the extra races on the saturday like they used to do at Le Mans, Will Bemsee be providing extra pushers ,oxygen and basic medical care?..
  9. I have sold all my road bikes to pay for racing, and have bought bikes to do up to sell for racing. Stormin , why not give the IOM a go, a 220mph lap record should keep you interested.
  10. moto 3 is on there now in french.
  11. hahasport.com they had the timed practice on there yesterday and should have qualifying today,, hoping they will have BSB on sun /mon. don't click the adverts and wait for red countdown clock to end to clear screen. enjoy.
  12. is it possible to enter online and do away with all the postal stuff ?
  13. The increase in the price of a first class stamp is just another nail in the coffin of club racing, unless you are on benefits then you get cheap racing as long as you get your entries in before christmas.......
  14. Just had mine done at kingston Motorcycle centre 0208 549 5335 ask for Dave , very reasonable ,very quick , very happy to help.