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  1. Bike is in very good condition. I purchased in Aug 2013 and have had the suspension serviced with new sprngs (for 12 stone rider) by MCTechnics and then setup by Perry Leask at HM Racing. The bike was also dynoed on the HM racing dyno (not one of the high readers), coming in at 172rwhp. Bike has spent most of last 3 years in storage and very little use. Raced by Hudson Kennaugh in British Super Stock 2007, it is a proper race bike. Bike is 100% straight in full working order and in very good condition. There is a small amount of gravel rash (see photo) on the lower left side from a run-on at Almeria; damage cosmetic only so just mentioning to be clear. I am located in Essex. Ben - 07739 320825. £3900. Spec: V5 documentation and two keys Full Akrapovic titanium system with carbon cans (mint) Power Commander (Wide Band) Ohlins Rear K-Tech front re-valve SES Rear Sets Clip on handle bars Quick Shifter Harris Fuel tank cap for quick release Carbon swingarm covers Gear indicator Steering Damper Mushrooms Paddock Stand Bobbins Spares: Painted fairing in very good condition with screen Akra race cans (noisy) very good condition Baffles Air intakes Seat unit etc (no wheels) See picture for spares. £3800.
  2. Rippedleathers


    This film has been overused to say the least. Editing it with new subtitles used to be original and funny about 5 years ago but is wearing a bit thin now. That somebody has obviously spent a lot of time to make this is more a reflection of their own strange behaviour than anything else. It appears to cross over from being humorous to being nasty...unless there is an inside joke I don't know about as Oli said. The fact that whoever made the new subtitles can't spell or use grammar properly is bit of a joke as well. I am all for banter and taking digs at each other but I am not into celebrating times where people don't achieve their goals, especially when they set them high.
  3. Rippedleathers

    Michelin Power Rain tyres, any good?????

    I used the michelin power one rains in the TTC and they were always excellent. Very good grip, especially the front. This contrasts to the dry tyres which were dangerous at anything below 100% temp.
  4. Rippedleathers

    Mallory park no more

    Sounds like the administrator is going to try and find a solution to race in future at Mallory park. I don't know enough about it but hope it works. Have enjoyed some good race meets there, it is a fun track and has a very important history in racing.
  5. Rippedleathers

    Pembrey tips and advice

    When racing in the TTC there in 2010, I was making up loads of time at that kink, right up until the point where I lost the front end at the apex well into 6th gear. I was convinced I could barrel into the corner without rolling the throttle even a little bit, and most of the time it worked. I dont recommend crashing there if you can avoid it. As others say, great little track and loads of fun.
  6. Rippedleathers

    Reputable bike transport companies in the UK

    Thanks for the suggestions gents. I tried calling Neil Haslam and both of his numbers were disconnected and his Website 8 year out of date so I assume he has moved on to something else. I checked Transbike and the reviews on a few forums were less than favourable so decided not to go with them. In the end I went with BLD Transport who have picked the bike up today so hopefully it will be here soon still intact! Price was much cheaper than hiring a van and getting it myself when you add in petrol. Thats not even considering the 14 hours driving time for the round trip.
  7. Rippedleathers

    Reputable bike transport companies in the UK

    Hi guys, I need to get a bike shipped from Sunderland to Essex and am looking to book a logistics company to move the bike for me. It appears to be a good option assuming a company can do it without damaging the bike. Just wondering if anyone has done this recently and which company they used? I have recieved a quote from transbike.co.uk but remain open to suggestions. I always like to go on a recommendation rather than pick a random company on the internet without any knowledge about them. Thanks for any help.
  8. Rippedleathers


    I got a set of maxons last year and they have been good. Nice build quality and no annoying pull strings. Price was 150 last year but 190 now. Having a good quality set of tyre warmers that are easy to use is one less headache. I used to scrimp and scrape and always had Knackered old tyre warmers, not worth it in the end.
  9. Rippedleathers

    focused events

    Having been to Almeria with FE in Nov 2012, I have noticed a change in the way they treat people at the track. Steve Plater was involved in the organisation and Kevin was relaxed and seemed eager to help riders out where he could. I have been to various FE track days in UK and abroad, and in the past have had some problems with them. On this occasion I cannot fault their organisation, everything was good including track time and quality (not too many riders on track etc). They were friendly and made every effort to ensure people had a good time. Credit where it's due.
  10. Rippedleathers

    darleymoor public meeting

    To those taking the time to attend this meeting. I would like to thank you for protecting the interests of all club racers and track day enthusiasts and it is much appreciated. I'm not able to make it as I am in the military and have to be else where on 27 nov, but would be willing to make a contribution to any fund that could be initialized for making sure track bikers don't get a raw deal in this situation. I am sure everyone else on the forum has the same sentiment.
  11. Rippedleathers

    More Noise Issues - Darley Moor

    Guys, as has already been mentioned try not to post anything abusive on the comments section of this clowns website. There are all sorts of things I want to say and do to these people as they are so offensive to me, but it will help our cause if we remain civilised and objective. I think attendance of the hearing would highlight that the things these people are doing are affecting other peoples lifestyles as well.
  12. Rippedleathers

    Avoid mike Fitzgerald race spares

    I think there is a bit naivity involved in someone buying a set of moto 2 tyres for a track day, but if they are purchased through a legitimate parts dealer then why not? I can understand that, although personally I think metzeler interacts are good enough for me. Why is a dealer stocking tyres not commercially available? Seems like egg on faces all round to me.
  13. Rippedleathers

    Move from Racetec to Dunlop ntec 212

    Thanks for the suggestions guys I will bear them in mind. I have 3 sets to take with me. 2 sets of racetecs and 1 set of dunlops looking forward to compare them back to back.
  14. Rippedleathers

    Move from Racetec to Dunlop ntec 212

    Hi guys, Looking for a bit of advice regarding tyres and setup please. I have a K7 GSXR 1000 (ohlins ttx rear and ktec 20mm front) and have just picked up a set of dunlop ntec 212gp pro tyres (200 rear). I currently use racetec interacts K2 front and rear and generally they last well and don't tear too much. I have heard that setup needs to be changed to ensure that the new tyres don't get prematurely worn. My question is, can someone with experience provide any pointers on setting changes that I could make if the tyre does start tearing? I plan on running 22psi rear and 34 psi front, hot. I will be doing 4 days at Almeria and hear it annihilates tyres in no time so would appreciate any help.
  15. Rippedleathers

    Lee Vernon

    Bought a gsxr600 from lee in 2009 and remember thinking what a nice bunch him and his family were. Bumped into to him in the triumph triple challenge and had some good races which he often won. He was a good racer and more importantly a good lad. Terribly sorry to hear this news.