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  1. 53 Stix

    Starting out @14

    Just my opinion, but the approach of actively looking for venues or events which don't check licenses is irresponsible and very high risk, and not to be recommended. If your son gets out on track in this way then that's super for him, but his inexperience means he's also likely to make a mistake and maybe cause harm to others people or bikes, and it's not fair. I'd be pissed if I was taken out by a young lad who was on track only by virtue of not having his license checked at signing on... as would, I suspect, most others. I'm not sure about the exact options and technicalities for current clubs and classes, but I'm sure that Dave/Bernie Stewart @ Thundersport, and Mike/Tracey @ BMCRC, will both be very happy to discuss the options through with you and find a route forwards! BMCRC: 01708 720305 Thundersport: 01509 678888 Hope this helps! -Rob
  2. On behalf of a friend, I am seeking a set of lightweight wheels for his 2004 Fireblade. Can anyone help? Thanks, -Rob 07908961973
  3. 53 Stix

    Sponsored walk for CALM

    An excellent cause and a superb & noble thing to do - very best of luck! -Rob
  4. 53 Stix

    chinese clipons

    For what it's worth, my current number-one contender for these sort of parts id Joe Burns at Diamond Race Products. https://www.diasec.co.uk/ I have his kit throughout my ZX10 and I'm very very happy with the value, quality and fitment. Superb service too if ever you have a question... highly recommended. -Rob
  5. 53 Stix

    chinese clipons

    I've used several budget sets and have never had a problem, HOWEVER that's not to say they will all be flawless in materials, design or manufacture. My advice would be to inspect thoroughly, assemble with care, and consider them to be 100% disposable in the event of a crash. I would also replace all fasteners with something you know and trust before you fit them, too, and be sure to have removed any contamination from clamping surfaces (corrosion inhibitor). Ultimately they have been available on the open market now for some time, and if mechanical failures were common then we would have heard about them by now... especially as there's no shortage of examples of them being sold through UK distributors as you've mentioned. It can't hurt to inspect them after every session until you have build up your confidence in them, and with due diligence you should be able to avoid any issues before they arise. -Rob
  6. 53 Stix

    RN 32 engine problems

    Hi Lasse, I am aware of an american company, EDR Performance, that have been quite vocal over what they believe to be shortfalls in the design of the R1 cranktrain. You can find their videos on Youtube quite easily. There are also a couple of people on this forum that have alot of experience in this model (Phil Seton, specifically), and they may be along shortly to help you some more, but personally I do not own this model and cannot say that I have experienced this myself. Thanks! -Rob
  7. 53 Stix

    zx10r wheels

    I believe the brake disk diameters are different, FYI.
  8. 53 Stix

    2016 zx10r clutch and brake levers

  9. 53 Stix

    Titanium Suspension Linkage Bolts - ACU regs?

    My interpretation would be that they are allowed as they are not specifically ruled out, and there doesn't appear to be an all-encompassing statement regarding construction materials other than what I posted above. Obviously bare in mind the regs of the particular class you're trying to enter, too...
  10. 53 Stix

    Titanium Suspension Linkage Bolts - ACU regs?

    Old Testament 14.20: ...and God said unto thee, the use of titanium in the construction of the frame, the front forks, the handlebars, the swinging arm spindles and the wheel spindles is forbidden. For wheel spindles, the use of light alloy is also forbidden. The use of titanium alloy nuts and bolts is allowed.
  11. 53 Stix

    Gpr damper

    Mike Edwards is the UK distributor I believe. He is a member of this forum.
  12. 53 Stix

    zx10r electronic damper

    Yamaboy, I did the same on my ZX10. In terms of finish and function the Diamond damper is an entry-level item. If (like me) that doesn't bother you then it's great value for money. My only small complaint is that the sensitivity from 0~3 clicks is very high, but from 4~end makes very little difference. Again, for me that's perfectly adequate, but may be worth considering before you purchase. Cheers! -Rob
  13. 53 Stix

    I want head

    Based on the information you have provided (i.e. none ) you may do well to start with the following... (In no particular order) John Trigger @ JT Performance Tim Radley @ Race developments Mark Hanna @ Road & Race (Verwood) Kev Stephenson @ Rev2Race Phil Seton @ Seton Tuning Bob Farnham @ BFT Mike Smith @ Mike Smith Tuning Frank Wrathall @ FW Developments Steve Smith @ HM Racing The 'best' is entirely subjective, though. There will certainly be no shortage of examples of happy customers keen to promote their products/services, and I think a few of these are on this forum... -Rob
  14. 53 Stix

    Budget GPS Tracker

    I was recently gifted a really nifty little GPS tracker that I'm thoroughly impressed with, so I thought it may be useful to raise awareness in this blog post. I'm told these things are being widely used to locate desirable vehicles and race bikes for theft, and I can understand why when the functionality is so cost effective. To me, it makes sense to tool yourself up with one of these so that, should the worse ever happen, you stand more than a snowball's chance in hell of getting your pride and joy back! This particular model can also be set up with a range of other alerts/functions such as vibration sensitivity, Geo-Fence zones and audio monitoring... all of which could come in useful, and good value IMHO for less than £100 all-in! -Rob
  15. 53 Stix

    Decal kits

    If you've not committed to anything yet, it's worth getting on the blower to Chalkie's Decals (Craig Whyte). He is based in Hinckley and does fantastic work for bespoke schemes, race reps etc for all budgets. -Rob