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  1. Steve Saint

    Gearbox Additives - Just Snake Juice?

    I think he trades as MPE (Moore performance Engineering). I found them through a google search; so that looks promising.
  2. Steve Saint

    Gearbox Additives - Just Snake Juice?

    Thanks, spoke to Nova a while ago and they have long since sold all of the parts they had for Thundercats/FZR600s. I might look into superfinishing. It is second gear that is the Achilles heal so there is the possible option of finding somebody who could make a copy of the relevant gears in a decent metal rather than a hard compound cheese.
  3. I'm running a Thundercat motor in my race bike. By luck I stumbled a cross a brand new "old stock" one to replace the current engine which has shot 2nd gear (as they are prone to). The task of replacing a gearbox involves a complete motor strip and the replacement parts are very expensive and still crap so I am looking for any way to improve the expected life. I was wondering if anybody could comment on the use of oil additives that are claimed to improve gearbox wear. I've seen a ceramic additive but struggle to see how it can help the gearbox without having a negative effect on the clutch plates. Thanks
  4. Steve Saint

    ‘08 onwards blades

    I've on my second one now and I had the first 4 or 5 years. It trackdays only so they don't get quite the same hammer as racing but I've never had any gearbox issues and the first one had a mongrel of an engine from a breaker with no history. In fact it needed nothing, not even a clutch in 4 or 5 seasons of trackdays (in the fast group usually lapping at a mid-pack club pace) However I don't use a quickshifter. My current one is an ex-SMT superstock bike and I've disconnected the Bazzaz quickshifter so hopefully no gearbox woes here either.
  5. Steve Saint

    FZR 400 / 600

    Haha, Mallory park is the place, been there in the middle of the fast group on a 250 LC in the past.
  6. Steve Saint

    FZR 400 / 600

    Out of interest what class are you going to race in? My 3TJ/Thundercat hybrid is with Dynotech now sorting the ignition and set up but I was going to run in Thunderbike sport with BEMSEE and with a (approx) 150kg bike I'm having to curtail power down to about 83/84bhp.
  7. Steve Saint

    FZR 400 / 600

    Out of interest what class are you going to race in? My 3TJ/Thundercat hybrid is with Dynotech now sorting the ignition and set up but I was going to run in Thunderbike sport with BEMSEE and with a (approx) 150kg bike I'm having to curtail power down to about 83/84bhp.
  8. Steve Saint

    F400 Parts Clear Out

    Hi I've put a few 400 parts on ebay, not sure what most are worth but will consider offers if anybody is interested. This link should show everything I'm advertising. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/6111steve/m.html?item=222777384091&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 I'll add a few more bits in the next few days.
  9. Steve Saint

    Name this ignition

    Hi Does anybody recognise this ignition? It came fitted to a thundercat motor. |It has no markings on it at all and was originally fitted by Dynojet Runcorn. I've called them umpteen times and the call just drops into a telephonic abyss so I thought I would see if it is familiar to anyone here and try to identify somebody who has the software to connect to it. The grey pug looks a bit like the IgniTech set up but they have a proper multi pin plug to the unit rather than direct wiring and their box looks rather nicer than this one. The second, three wire, socket connects to a quickshifter (which doesn't appear to work) Thanks in advance.
  10. Steve Saint

    Now Dymag are gone who else provides a zxr400 wheel?

    I weighed a few front wheels last week when sorting out the front end for my new race bike project; It was bathroom scales so the weights are relative rather deadly accurate. The less than shocking result is that new wheels weight less than old ones but more than mag wheels. I don't know the respective tyre weights and how much that skews the info. When carrying them the extra 2 or 3kg of the old 400 wheels like feels more. This also gives no indication of how centralised the mass of each wheel is, which must be as important as the overall weight. Wheel Discs/tyre Weight ZXR400 std discs / Dunlop wet 12.5kg FZR400 3TJ Std discs / slick 12.5kg 01 Aprilia RS 250 Race wavey discs / Bridgesone Wet 10.2kg 5 spoke Mag Dymag Race Wavey discs / Supercorsa 8.9kg 12 Fireblade Race 5.5mm disc / Bridgestone slick 10kg 07 Fireblade std discs / Pirelli wet 10.9kg One other consideration is that the smallest rear Dymag was 5 1/4" and too wide for a 160. I have accommodated a 180/60 rear in a 3TJ swing arm but that has about 1mm of clearance, needs the wheel set towards the back of the chain adjuster and needed the inner welds to be polished down't a little. A 180/55 would probably fit fine though.
  11. Steve Saint

    Anyone a Thundercat Guru?

    Interesting Peter, I also have a tuned motor that came with the donor bike, it allegedly makes 110bhp and has a blank in the RHS case where a gearshift spline used to be suggesting that it's former life was at some point in a sidecar. Sadly its not usable because it is the wrong model motor and doesn't have the engine mounts on the cylinder head.
  12. Steve Saint

    Anyone a Thundercat Guru?

    Thanks, I'm doing exactly the same as you, I want the 400 but without the terrible reliability. B&C Express can make you pretty much any sprocket you want so a 16T front shouldn't be an issue. I might have to check the one on miy motor now as I thought I counted 16 teeth but perhaps not if they aren't readily available. I've just weighted the Thundercat motor and was a bit shocked, it's about 1.5kg heavier than the 400 (at 53kg) which in theory will see me at around 150kg ready to ride, I'm hoping the scales are wrong! To check I also just weighed a ZXR400 front wheel that's sat in my garage and that weights 12kg with discs and a Dunlop slick. That is 2 kg heavier than the aprilia wheel I use for wets and 3.5kg more than the dymag. The rear Dymag saves a similar amount compared to a stock FZR wheel so with the rest of our chassis being a similar set up (alloy subframes, race exhaust, cut down loom) the low150s probably won't be miles off. I'm going to need a A2 license restrictor kit at this rate! I'll have a look on greybike for some tips. I see you have been pretty successful in the thunderbike sport class so that gives me heart that I'm building something that will be competitive provide that I haven't forgotten how to ride. Thanks again
  13. Steve Saint

    Anyone a Thundercat Guru?

    Cheers giller much appreciated, I was thinking that the flatslides might push the power too far. I believe the race ECU is programmable so subject to finding somebody who has an appropriate lead could reduce peak power by tweaking the curve at the top end, but it looks like I can save a bit of potential pain by fitting CV carbs (although I spent 21/2 hours on Sunday stripping and cleaning the flat slides). Have you done much work to lighten your bike? My calcs are based on the weight of the bike in its current 400 trim and assuming about 10kg extra for the 600 motor and rad (61kg for the engine rather than 52kg for the 400) but I've been shaving weight off the bike with mag dymags lightweight rear caliper, ally subframes, aprilia forks, calipers etc, etc. so I'm now a bit nervous that my bathroom scales and lump of wood weighing approach is overestimating the weight. I have gearing from 16-41 to 14-48 so should be ok but might have to extend a chain. The 400 only has 12000 rpm to play with (high compression tune to get 82 bhp and 30ft/lb of torque) so I'm expecting very different gearing. I've got some way to go with the build as the donor bike runs stock clocks and has a load of wiring that I want to lose before I swap it all over, but this area is far from my strong point! It also has a modern R6 shock with high and low speed damping which I need to measure up against the lightweight Tech 2000 item on my 400 to see if I can maintain the current geometry whist moving into this century shock wise.

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