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For Sale & Wanted

Buying/selling of race bikes and paraphernalia.



If your trade - don't advertise. We fund the forum from contributions from our sponsors. Any surplus - which is just about all of it - goes to a bike related charity.

We only let Forum sponsors place trade ads.

We allow ads for personal stuff by our forum members.

If you decide to break our advertising rules you will be banned - and if we feel like it we might give you some negative publicity to boot.

The moderating teams decision on what is personal advertising and what is trade advertising is very final.

Thanks for respecting this.

Do not advertise bikes (or just frames) that have altered or defaced frame numbers anywhere - they can't be raced.

Frames that have no number at all - and have never had one - are ok but must be advertisd in the 'Without V5' section.

CAUTION: We would suggest that when buying or selling you get a positive I.D.of the other party, A real address and bank account details etc. might prove most useful if you end up having to chase someone!!!

For bikes or engines without a v5 advertised on motoforum - After you have agreed everything with the seller send us the ID and pic of frame and engine numbers so we can check it with the police for you. Do this before you pay!



  1. Race Bikes for sale with V5 only

    Selling of race bikes With V5 only.

  2. Race bikes without V5 and engines or blank frames sold separately.

    All bikes without a V5
    All engines sold separately.
    Frames - only blank as from factory.
    All topics need to be individually approved by the admin team.
    Sellers - You will need to provide us with your address before we will approve your topics.
    If requested buy a buyer (and we suggest all buyers do) you will need to provide a picture of the frame and/or engine number together with proof of identity before any sale is completed. Buyers should send this info to us for checking by the police before paying.

  3. Race Bikes wanted

    Need a bike? Here's the place to ask

  4. General for sale

    Got something race related to sell? Put it here. Not bikes and engines - post in the appropriate forum.

  5. General wants

    Need a pair of tyre warmers? Supply of pot noodles? Ask here

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